Greenfield & Brownfield projects

Our Consulting services are related to process of developing Greenfield or Brownfield mines in Serbia, and imply advice in complete Permitting process for both, Greenfield and Brownfield mining projects, from exploration phase until the begging of exploitation works.


Consulting services for Greenfield or Brownfield mining projects imply advice in complete Permitting process from exploration phase until the begging of exploitation works and can include advising during:

  • Geological exploration, geological interpretation, resource and reserve confirmation etc.
  • Survey
  • Spatial planning
  • Change of land use approval
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
  • Water management license
  • Nature protection requirements
  • Heritage protection requirements
  • Reclamation
  • Exploitation approval


We have all neccessary experience and licenses for designing all Mining Studies and Projects in accordance with Serbia’s law, including:

  • Feasibility study
  • Mine designs: Detailed, Technical, Simplified, as well as designs on taking sample for technological testing, etc.
  • Reclamation designs,
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment…

Invest in exploration activities

Serbia offers promising investment opportunities especially in mining and minerals.

Thanks to Rio Tinto Jadar Lithium Project and Freeport McMoRan Chukaru Peki Copper and Gold Project, Serbia has become a hotspot for geological exploration activities in the last few years.

International exploration companies currently active in Serbia are: Rio Tinto (UK), Freeport-McMoran Exploration Corp. (Canada), Dundee Precious Metals Inc. (Canada), Erin Ventures Inc. (Canada), Euromax Resources Ltd. (Canada), First Quantum Minerals Ltd. (Canada), Nevsun Resources Ltd. (Canada)…

Exploration companies have active exploration licenses for copper, gold, lead, zinc, lithium, borates…

We offer investment opportunities for geological exploration of:

  1. Lithium – two licences
  2. Lead&Zinc – four licences
  3. Copper&Gold – one licence