Permitting process

When it comes to greenfield mines in Serbia, in order to obtain a permit you need to go through 20 different instances and take almost 400 steps in different procedures. Many of these steps you can take in parallel. The most important things are to know the right timing, to conduct the whole process properly, to follow the development of a project, and to react on time.


Having passed through the entire procedure of obtaining permits more than dozen times within the last 10 years, we have mastered the procedure to the smallest detail. We have also figured out which sub-procedures can be performed simultaneously in order to minimize the time required to complete the entire process of obtaining a permit for a new mine. The result of such analytical and synchronized activities is the completion of the entire process for small mines in less than a year. This experience enabled us to create permitting Gantchart and permitting Flowchart diagrams that depict mine permitting process in Serbia.

Permitting process

During Permitting process we:

  • prepare requests to relevant institutions,
  • prepare all necessary enclosures, on the basis of documentation and reports,
  • make topographic and other maps,
  • make cadastral plans,
  • follow the development of project and make information for relevant institution, and
  • conduct all other necessary activities.

Also, we coordinate and communicate with people who are in charge of every step, to speed up the process of getting all necessary documents, requirements and approvals during the mine permitting process


Up until now, we have designed and obtained all permits for different investors for more than 20 mines. Moreover, we are currently working on the design of a few more mines.