Terragold provides wide range of supervision service related to mining industry, especially for:

– tunneling construction

– open-pit mine development

– underground mine development

– processing plants construction

– mining survey

– geology exploration activities

– geology and mining plans and designs

Tunneling supervision

Terragold provides the supervision service during tunneling construction, which implies:

– construction supervision

– H&S supervision

– Surveying control

– environmental issues control

Open-pit & underground mine activities supervision

According to the Serbian Law on mining, operators  must be exposed to internal or external supervision during the performance of works related to mining.

Terragold’s team is fully equipped for performing all supervision tasks during exploration, construction and operation of mines:

– exploration works supervision,

– excavation activities supervision,

– construction of facilities supervision,

– survey supervision,

– civil, mechanical, electrical engineering supervision,

– environmental impact supervision…

Geology and mining plans and designs supervision

All mining-related plans and designs must be checked by an independent supervisor before submitting them to the Ministry for approval.

Our team has done more than 30 geological plans and mine designs technical reviews.