Mining Subcontracting Works

Canadian junior miner MEDGOLD engage Terragold for historical Barje adit support and stabilisation at their active exploration license Donje Tlamino. The adit has been constructed during 1957 with purpose of geological exploration of Pb-Zn potential deposits. Adit Barje is 51 m long with approximately profile of 3 m2.
At 32 meter adit roof has collapsed, leaving huge pile of crushed stone.
Barje 6
First few meters of adit had high water level. We have successfully evacuated water to outside reservoirs to prevent environmental damage with contaminated water.
After safety inspection of highly experienced professionals, we made detailed plan for adit support and stabilization.
All the risky zones are identified and supporting measures have been implemented. Adit is stabilized with wooden support.
After all stabilization and support works, geology crew came and take the samples for testing, in full length of adit.

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