We are distributors of polyethylene foils (HDPE & LLDPE)

Long-term practice in plastic products branch in connection with modern and up-to-date machine park, well qualified staff, advanced research and development facility allow WARTER to deliver the highest quality and meeting their clients expectations regarding the products.
WARTER production range:
– „GEOCHRON” – HDPE geomembrane
– LLDPE geomembrane
– LDPE foils for construction purposes
– LDPE foils for agriculture and horticulture
– LDPE pool foils
– LDPE silage foils
Geosynthetic polymer barrier – „GEOCHRON” HDPE geomembrane is an insulating material with a very wide range of applications:
– Mine waste depositing,
– construction of tunnels and underground structures,
– construction of reservoirs and dams,
– construction of canals,
– road construction,
– railway investments,
– municipal investments such as landfill sealing.
LLDPE geomembrane is recommended especially for applications which need increased flexibility:
– slopes with difficult access;
– artificial reservoirs and channels;
– reclamation of municipal waste landfills;
– embankments.
LDPE foils for agriculture and horticulture – triple-layer multi-seasonal agricultural foils are used to cover the construction of tunnels widely used for covering crops in agriculture, horticulture and forestry. The use of agricultural foils accelerates the growth of plants and the increase in crop yields, while protecting against harmful UV radiation and other weather conditions.

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