Terragold has entered into a partnership with ABITIBI GEOPHYSICS a Canadian topnotch provider for more than 100 mining exploration companies around the world. Abitibi Geophysics is a provider of innovative geophysics solutions. They use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure quality and reliability. To improve the performance of the geophysical techniques they use, Abitibi founded the International Laboratory of Mining Geophysics (ILMG).

Abitibi Geophysics and DGI Geoscience, with local partner Terragold, now provides the deep penetrating OreVision™ induced polarization technology and a full suite of borehole logging tools for geophysical surveys in the Balkans.  Abitibi Geophysics’ OreVision™ greatly increases the depth of penetration of dipole-dipole and pole-dipole induced polarization surveys without sacrificing resolution, by increasing the n-spacings with a constant a-spacing.  DGI’s logging suites are applied in the acquisition and interpretation of physical rock properties, televiewer and borehole geometry for exploration in-and near-mines and on brownfield sites; geotechnical investigation in underground and open-pit mines and for environmental and infrastructure projects; and, data analytics to examine borehole breakouts and stress directions and monitor wear on paste and shotcrete backfill lines for underground mines.

Equipment available in Serbia for surveying in a region:

  • InfiniTEM, InfiniTEM XL and OMNI-Vision – Abitibi’s patented TDEM loop configuration with a proven depth of exploration to >800m.
  • ARMIT-TDEM – Breakthrough TDEM sensor technology, measuring both B-field & dB/dt simultaneously.
  • BHEM – Borehole EM will detect conductors located outside your borehole at a depth equivalent to your drilling. We use Geonics or DigiAtlantis probes and a type of loop adapted to your type of deposit to offer TDEM solutions in drilling better responding to exploration challenges.

Our first clients in Serbia are Rio Tinto and Tilva (Zijin and RT partnership) where we have successfully finished a survey on two sites in the eastern Serbia – Timok area, achieving great results that enable our clients to further develop their exploration activities.

Our next job was done for the Dundee Precious Metals project in Bulgaria – Chelopech. Another great experience and good times with our friends and instructors from Abitibi Geophysics Canada!

The third engagement was again in Serbia, where we assisted to exploration company to find the more interesting potential in eastern Serbia!


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