Serbia is rich in primary commodities that promises great potential for its development in the mining sector and future investment opportunities on a global scale. Gold, copper, zinc and lead are just a few examples of the minerals and metals that have been discovered and mined in this territory for several millennia. In the latter half of the twentieth century, Serbia’s diversity in mining diminished due to, state-owned enterprises concentrating on the extraction of low-grade coal in the Kolubara and Kostolac basins with the intent of producing thermal energy.

Commodity prices began to rise in 2005, causing interest prices to increase. Approximately fifty mining companies started exploring and mining after the rise in these prices. Half of these companies are focused on exploring metallic deposits, with the most popular commodities divided between minerals and aggregates.

Exploration activities have been in high demand these past few years, therefore leading to the possession of more than 130 exploration licenses for nonmetallic minerals in 2019. Additionally, having 30 new licenses expected to be obtained in 2020.

An increasing number of firms are exploring sites across the country, predominantly in the Bor-Timok complex that runs down the eastern side of western Serbia.


Terragold would like to offer potential investors/partners the opportunity to invest in Serbia’s geological explorations and become a part of our team.

The following commodities are available for geological explorations:
• Copper & Gold
• Lithium & Borates
• Lead & Zinc, Antimony, Polymetallic