The permitting process

In order to start operating a Greenfield mine in Serbia, a permission permit is required. The procedure to obtain this permit could potentially consist of 20 different strategies, as well as approximately 400 steps to undertake. Many of these steps can be carried out in parallel. The most important factors to consider are a proper execution of each step, precise timing and the supervision of the project’s development.


Having passed through this entire procedure more than a dozen times within the last ten years certifies that our company has more than enough experience in this process. We have developed techniques, for example, the simultaneous implementation of sub-procedures to minimize the time required to complete the process and maximize productivity. The result of our tactics and synchronized activities have proven to be very effective due to the multiple finalizations of this procedure for small mines in less than a year. Our efforts enabled us to create Gantt charts and Flowcharts diagrams that depict this mining process in Serbia.

Permitting process

During the permitting process we:

  • prepare requests to relevant institutions,
  • prepare all necessary enclosures, on the basis of documentation and reports,
  • make topographic and other maps,
  • make cadastral plans,
  • follow the development of project and make information for relevant institution, and
  • conduct all other necessary activities.

Furthermore, we cooperate and communicate with the supervisors of the project to assist with compiling the necessary documents, requirements and approvals from adequate authorities.


Up until now, we have received permits for more than twenty mines. Additionally, we are working with different investors to design and open more mines.