Terragold provides a wide range of supervising services for works related to the mining industry, predominantly in:

– tunneling construction

– open-pit mine development

– underground mine development

– processing plants construction

– mining survey

– geology exploration activities

– geology and mining plans and designs

Tunnel supervision

Our company offers supervision services during tunnel construction, that entails:

– construction supervision

– H&S supervision

– Surveying control

– environmental issues control

Supervision of open-pit & underground mine activities

Laws and regulations on mine activities state that operators and their team must be supervised either by qualified external or internal sources during mining works.

Our company possesses a team of experts that is fully equipped to perform all supervising tasks during exploration, construction and the operation of mines:

– exploration works supervision,

– excavation activities supervision,

– construction of facilities supervision,

– survey supervision,

– civil, mechanical, electrical engineering supervision,

– environmental impact supervision…

Geological plans, mining plans and design supervision

All mine-related plans and designs must be appraised by an independent supervisor before submitting the documents to the appropriate Ministry for approval.

Our team has completed more than 30 geological plans and technical reviews on mine designs. Therefore, our company is adept with the processes in this industry.